Virginia City: One of the Most Haunted Cities in the United States

Millions of visitors come to our area to search one of our nation’s most haunted cities, Virginia City! Television shows have made several documentaries, groups offer tours of the most haunted buildings and skeptics turn to believers as they wander the rooms of places like the famous Washoe Club, the Silver Queen Hotel, the Mackay Mansion and the St. Mary’s Art Center.

What began back in the 1850’s as one of Nevada’s oldest established cities. Virginia City gave way to the gold and silver mining boom where men came from everywhere for their chance at becoming the next millionaire. Mining conditions were treacherous due to the extreme temperatures in the mines caused by natural hot springs. Many perished and some will say that the residents that developed this town still inhabit its buildings 160 years later.

Today, you can visit “hot spot” locations such as the crypt inside the Washoe Club, where corpses were stored in the winter when the ground was too frozen to bury the bodies. Or rent Room 11 in the Silver Queen hotel, where a prostitute was reported to have committed suicide in the bathtub. The beautiful Mackay Mansion is said to have 4 resident entities that have made themselves at home throughout the years. The halls if the St. Mary’s Art Center, the former St. Mary Louise Hospital, was used to treat the miners of the Comstock era.  You are sure to find something that raises your suspicion that there might actually be a parallel universe that exists between the living and the dead.

Now go to America’s Hometown Ghost Hunt to vote for Virginia City as the most haunted place in the country! So far this little ghost town is in the top 3 contenders and the winner will be announce Halloween night. If there was ever a place to investigate paranormal activity, this town has to be it. When you’re done playing with the ghosts, you can always come down the hill and we’ll have a safe bed for you to sleep in!

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4 Comments on “Virginia City: One of the Most Haunted Cities in the United States”

  1. I worked Security at the Pipers Opera House back in 1988 and one night after closing…I did a fire check…and something kept shining through the windows every time I went out and locked up.
    After going back inside a few times I learned that something kept turning on the stair hallway lighting.
    I searched the whole place and actually sat there in the dark for an hour or so and heard all kinds of strange things. Things that made the hair on the back of my neck to stick straight out.
    I’m not a scary kind of guy…but I heard voices like someone performing on stage and the audience laughing at some kind of jokes. I figured it was a dead performer…giving me a show in the middle of the night. I now figure it was MARK TWAIN because of the slow type of talk he did and the waiting for the response that he did.
    I know that site in Virginia City is haunted…I can tell you first hand…I both felt it and saw it. Don’t believe me…try it yourself…I’m not going back there.
    Dick Baublitz xpi

    • Thank you for sharing your story Dick! Just reading your experiences made the hair on my arms stand up! I hope more people share their stories here because there are plenty to be told! Make sure you go vote for America’s Hometown Ghost Hunt, then be thankful you live down the hill in Carson City! 🙂

  2. Patty W Says:

    I lived in Virginia City for 26 years and I can tell you from personal experiences that Virginia City is the most haunted town in the USA. I loved living there and loved every ghost in my 100 home.

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